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Our beginnings

One day together, we decided to make some Organite Pyramids to support a friend who was a healer and needed a positive energy conductor that would bring beauty into the office environment. 

Our Medium

Our medium is a special polyester that magnifies the energy of crystals, and different stones and metals that conduct  healing energy such as copper, gold, silver, and stones such as quartz, turquoise, emerald and pearls. Each pyramid is unique and speaks for itself enhancing the energy around the person.

Our Inspiration

Our inspiration is the beauty of nature showing the intrinsic harmony of perfect balance. The color spectrum of each organite pyramid connects the person to a positive state of being assisting an awakening consciousness within and the joy found in  the surrounding beauty.  

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Organite Pyramids by Robana

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All items are unique and never duplicated. they are hand-crafted with mantra and hands that bring loving kindness and hope toward the benefit  for all.

Organite Pyramids by Robana


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Our unique Organite Pyramids include semi-precious and precious stones, metals and crystals. All our pyramids are individually hand-crafted and polished. The sizes range from small, medium and large, we use Egyptian and Russian Pyramid shapes. The weight and size of the Organite Pyramids will determine the shipping price. Pyramids range from $50-$2000 depending on size and materials used. 

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We love our customers, so feel free to write us during normal business hours. We will get back to you as soon as we can. Email address:

Be sure to leave your return address, name and number. We will answer all questions. May you be benefitted from our Pyramids.

Organite Pyramids by Robana

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